New Startup Disrupting Healthcare in India is an innovative platform for patients to connect with doctors, clinics & hospitals in a very effective way. This web based platform simplifies the health care selection process for the patients. On the other hand it provides a powerful medium to health care service providers to disseminate information about their expertise & reach out to thousands of patients not only in the same city but around the world.  It is a win-win approach for both patients and health-care service providers.

This web and smart phone based App will help patients to request for appointments 24/7.  Confirmation emails and messages will be sent to their mobile phones. This simplified process will also expand the health care market as thousands of patients who ignore their health due to cumbersome or no appointment system now feel more comfortable to get themselves treated by health-care service provider of their choice.

Democratizing healthcare information and enabling patients to take informed decisions is our main motto behind this venture.

Ajay Goyal, Founder

GoDoctr solves a real life pain which exist in the market where “cost of surgery” information is not easily available.  Majority of the patients spend lots of time, money and energy to get this basic information. Since 83% of Indian population is uninsured or under insured, sensitivity towards health care cost is very high.  Average patients visit several hospitals, wait in unending queues, undergo pain and mental agony to find cost of surgery. All this can now be done on-line by uploading medical records. Patients can compare health-care cost estimates and then take informed decisions.

 ​ strives to become market leader in this niche segment and is committed to provide all necessary information about hospitals and  doctors. Patients can  select a health care service provider by going through his/her education background, clinic details and more importantly review and rating by other patients. 

Patients get huge choices of health care service providers. This is absolutely free service but of course patients need to pay consultation fee as they are doing today. Currently majority of the patients are seeking advice from their colleagues, friends or neighbors to find  right hospitals and doctors for them. With this portal, patients will be able to take their own decisions by researching more about health care providers on-line. Power of finding the right health-care provider will shift to the patient directly. Portal is neutral about any given health-care provider and will not recommend any particular health-care service provider. 

Health-care providers will be able to increase their reach and visibility to thousands of patients around the globe and attract more Medical tourists in the country. One of the weak links currently is access to aggregated and authentic information to the patients outside India and these kind of portals will help bridge the gap. has 20,000 + doctors and hospitals listed in 230 cities in India. With its gaining popularity, it is expected that this number should double by end of this year.